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Pool Playtime

Our covered, heated,  pool is ready to use, rain or shine! Come on in, the water's GREAT and we have new artificial GRASS around the pool!!


Group Play Sessions with Boarding or Daycare $12.00 per day

One-On-One Pool Play Time $12.00 /20 minutes

Private Pool Parties are also available. Please call for information and availability!

Toy Room Day Care

Our Doggie Day Care is like a day at the beach. New Friends Made Daily! Doggie Day Care Play hours are: Monday thru Saturday 7:00 AM – 4:30 PM & Sunday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Includes inside air-conditioned playroom and outside grassy play breaks!


$10.00 per day/per dog

Big Dog Daycare

Our Doggie Day Care is like a day at the beach. New Friends Made Daily Doggie Day Care Play hours are: Monday thru Saturday 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM & Sunday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Includes inside air-conditioned playroom and outside grassy play breaks


$22.00 per day / $12.00 half day
$12.00 per day/per dog with Boarding / half day $7.00

Packages Also Available:

$104.50 5-day package ($5.50 savings – paid in advance)
$195.00 10-day package ($25.00 savings – paid in advance)
$365.00 20-day package ($75.00 savings – paid in advance)
$500.00 30-day package ($140.00 savings – paid in advance)

Courtesy post for Hillsborough Co Animal Services. What a cutie!! ... See MoreSee Less

Rosco is a handsome boy! This poor guy was surrendered due to landlord issues. He is listed as a 3 year old retriever. He was scared when he first came into shelter, volunteers spent time with him and fell in love! He was signed of to euth for fear aggression. Volunteers and staff knew this guy was a great dog and asked for a second assessment and he passed with flying colors! He does know basic commands and sits like a champ for treats! His photo is funny because that is his serious concentration face and hey, give me some treats pose! We LOVE HIM!!! He reaches out for hugs and is super friendly. He was giving volunteers kisses and seeking extra treats and head rubs! He is HW negative and ready to go! Roscoe wants to be your best friend! We promise you will fall in love as soon as he hugs you!!! Owner Surrender Weight Estimate: 50lbs. Now Can Go A24475079 All the information we have about this dog is posted above. If we have not posted about it in the description, we DO NOT KNOW how the dog does with other dogs, cats, kids, or is house trained. Most of them come in without a resume. We do our best to find out as much as we can, but it can be difficult to assess in a shelter environment. ========================== **** PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS! THANK YOU!!! **** ========================== THIS ALBUM WAS CREATED BY AND IS MAINTAINED BY VOLUNTEERS. THIS PAGE IS NOT A PROJECT OF OR AFFILIATED WITH THE SHELTER OTHER THAN THEY DO SUPPORT OUR EFFORTS!!! PLEASE REMEMBER WE ALSO HAVE FULL TIME JOBS, FAMILIES, AND LIVES AND DO THE BEST WE CAN TO SAVE AS MANY LIVES AS POSSIBLE. All the dogs in this album are located in Hillsborough County Animal Services in Tampa Fl. Every effort is made to keep the information as up to date as possible. **** WE CHECK STATUS EVERY DAY ON EVERY DOG AND MAKE AN UPDATE WHEN STATUS CHANGES. Please note, most of us admins work days, as well as we only receive a report of status updates ONCE a day from the shelter – this is run and sent to us at 7pm when the shelter closes. THEREFORE WE DO NOT KNOW IF A DOGS STATUS HAS CHANGED UNTIL CLOSE EVERY DAY AT 7PM AND THAT IS WHEN WE DO DAILY STATUS UPDATES! Please don’t ask us for status or updates, we do not respond to those. If you need status during the day, call the shelter (make sure you ask the name of the person you are speaking to so if the information is incorrect, we know who gave it out). *** ADOPT INFO: All dogs available for adoption are vetted and ready to go and expected to leave when you apply to adopt them. No holds will be placed on a dog. IF YOU WANT TO ADOPT, THEN GO TO THE SHELTER AND MEET THE DOG ASAP. IF THE DOG IS POSTED AS ON EUTH, THEN PLEASE EMAIL and CC to . Please include the name and ID number of the dog, your name, phone number, and when you can will to the shelter to meet them. All dogs must be adopted in person. If you are out of area and willing to drive in and meet the dog and put in an application, we may be able to help get the dog to you when ready to go. If you are out of state and want to adopt a dog, you will need to find a rescue to pull, arrange transport, the dog will need a vet issued health cert for travel, and, most likely, temp foster while all the arrangements are being made. *** FOSTER PROGRAM UPDATE 11/15/14 The following are the guidelines to foster Now Can Go animals: First Saturday Event Fostering Program: 1. Approved Individuals are eligible to foster NCG animals up to Two (2) Weeks prior to the event. 2. The event foster will be limited to two months providing ample opportunities to find their foster a forever home. 3. They will commit to bringing in their animals to all First Saturday Adoption Events and 2 additional Saturday Adoption Days at the shelter. 4. All scheduled foster appointments will be attended. 5. At the end of the Two (2) month period the foster parent will be responsible for returning the animal to Pet Resources or adopting their animal. If you are interested in fostering, please email and CC to Dogs that are not eligible for foster can be “adopted to rehome”. These dogs are eligible to come to the HCAS adoption events. *** RESCUE INFO: To place a rescue hold or to become an HCAS Rescue Partner, please email ***PLEDGES: If you would like to pledge for a dog, just post a comment on the dogs thread how much you would like to pledge. We encourage people to only make pledges for HCAS approved rescues or to the HCAS foster program. Money should never be sent directly to adopters. It can be sent directly to their vet for dogs that have medical issues. Once a dog with pledges leaves the building to the approved rescue and we receive a link where pledges can be paid, we will post the link. All HW+ dogs going into HCAS foster program will need to be funded $325 for treatment. Any donations made above that amount will be used for another HW+ foster dogs. We cannot be responsible for pledges being paid. It is up to rescues to collect their own pledges. Sadly, usually not 100% of pledges are actually realized. Rescues feel free to let us know if someone has not paid a pledge after being asked and we may ban them from the page. It would be helpful if pledgers would keep a list of dogs they have pledged for so they can check on the threads and pay their pledges once the dog leaves the building. PLEASE NOTE FB DOES NOT ALWAYS US TO COMMENT TAG EVERYONE ON A THREAD TO ASK TO PAY THEIR PLEDGE. PLEASE DO NOT ASK US TO PM YOU TO REMIND YOU BECAUSE PMS USUALLY END UP IN THE ‘OTHERS’ FOLDER AND MOST PEOPLE NEVER SEE THEM. IT IS UP TO KEEP TRACK OF AND PAY YOUR PLEDGES! Thank you! *** INFO ON HW: Heartworms are not contagious and dogs can only get them by a mosquito bite. They can be treated with “fast kill” which takes about 2 months, is more expensive, and the dog will need to be kept quiet during the treatment. There is also “slow kill” which is cheaper, takes longer, the dog does not need to have normal activity restricted (extremely vigorous exercise probably should be delayed), takes usually 6-18 months. List of vets who will support slow kill: If you have a suggestion on a rescue to contact, please by all means contact them! Hillsborough County Animal Services 440 N. Falkenburg Road Tampa, FL 33619 813-744-5660 Open 7 days a week, 10am - 7pm

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Hello, my name is Trouble. Don’t let my name fool you—I am a sweet girl! I am 12 years old and up-to-date on all of my vaccines. I would do best in a quiet home with no large dogs.     *I would very much like to meet you.*