Services - Additional Services

Pocket Pet Boarding

Birds, Bearded Dragons, Ferrets, Bunnies, etc.--- We'll board them all! Please provide your pocket pet's cage & food and we will do the rest!    




$7 per night– per pocket pet




PAWS Extras

We offer a variety of extra services to make sure we take care of your pet exactly as you would at home!


Medication Dispensing $ 1.00 (each dose)
Injections $5.00 (each shot)
Kennel Food High-end Dry & Canned $2.00 per Cup $2.50 per Can
Bedtime Snack $2.00
(Peanut butter or treat-filled Kong)


We offer pick up and/or delivery service for your pet(s)!  The cost is $25.00 for us to come to your door to pick up your pet(s) within a 10 mile radius.  Live outside that, no problem, call and we will quote you a price.  Need help taking your pet to the vet?  We can do that too!!! Please call to make an appointment or for more information


$25.00 each way, within a 10 mile radius. Each additional mile over 10 miles is $1.00 per mile.